Learn Spring Framework from basic

About Spring Framework

Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world even today. The reason for its consistent popularity has a lot to do with its robust frameworks. For any commercial project development, a framework is a must for organized implementation. When it comes to Java, there are many popular frameworks available and different programmers have different preferences. Some of those popular frameworks are Spring, Struts, Hibernate, JSF, Vaadin, GWT, Grails, and others. Out of all these frameworks, Spring framework is the most popular and most widely used across the world. This can come as a surprise to many because Spring is one of the oldest frameworks in Java. The followings are the reason why Spring is more popular than other Java frameworks.

Reasons For being Popular

Spring is called the framework of frameworks. The reason is that all the frameworks are supported by Spring such as Struts, Hibernate, JSF and likewise. Spring is a very powerful yet lightweight Java Enterprise Edition application development framework. There is no need for heavy Java EE application server. You can deploy its applications in any web container even in Tomcat. There are still some exclusive features that other frameworks cannot afford yet such as Spring Batch. It operates faster which is what we need in the current scenarios like mobile computing, cloud computing, and social computing. Its popularity has been sky high ever since its launch.

  • Developers Friendly
  • Integration with front-end technology
  • Aspect Oriented Programming
  • MVC Framework
  • Robust
  • Faster than others
  • Miscellaneous Features and so on

You have learnt about Spring Framework… Now Let’s learn how to work with it… Let’s start our tutorial :

What you need to have:

  1. A Laptop or Desktop with minimum configuration
  2. STS tools/ IntelliJ IDE
  3. Java Environment setup with JDK 8 or advance
  4. Regular Practicing

That’s it. If you have these, then let’s start…


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