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Project Based JavaScript with Node JS and React

Learn JavaScript, be a master in JavaScript. JavaScript is a primarily client-side scripting language used for front-end development. JavaScript is compatible across all browsers and is used to create interactive web apps, often through libraries such as jQuery and front-end frameworks such as Angular JS, Ember JS, React, and more. Web assembly is a binary format that can be natively decoded, in all browsers, much faster than JS can be parsed. This is a term that has been buzzing around in the developer community. It could actually become the most adopted in the near future as complement to JavaScript.

Node is a cross-platform, runtime environment for executing JavaScript code outside of a browser.

Modern operating systems can natively execute a handful of programming languages, including the languages they are written in and the languages they support by means of an added compatibility layer. For example, Windows is written in C and supports C++ and C# and, thus, can execute these languages directly into machine code.

Node JS, basically, allows JavaScript to do anything one could with PHP or Ruby on Rails. Again, PHP, Python and RoR are doing a great job at that, why we need Node JS or the ability to execute JavaScript at the OS level in the first place? There are many advantages to JavaScript over these traditional scripting languages.

Facebook is one of the world’s most powerful company and has created a framework called React js for building web apps. React js respectively appear to be in a battle for the future of the web, with the active online debate and adoption of large consumer-facing apps seeming to lean quite strongly in React js’s favor at present.

React js is getting so much popularity that it is unlikely to be replaced in the near future. React also embraces unidirectional data flows through Flux architecture. Stacks like Firebase are getting popular, thanks to React community.


Let’s Learn JavaScript with Node JS and React though a complete web development project.

  • Basic JavaScript

    Here you will learn from the basic JavaSrcipt to Advanced level

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  • Node JS

    Here you will learn Node JS from basic with Express JS

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  • React

    Here you will learn react based project work with Node JS and database

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  • Additional

    Additional many topics like GIT, AGILE, REST etc will be taught

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